Moving Speakers out of the Stone Age

Loudspeakers can reach a level of sound quality
far beyond what one usually hears in listening rooms.
To reach that level, Silbersand develops and manufactures cybernetic active speakers.

How External Factors Change Sound
To understand Silbersand, it helps to understand how cybernetic active speakers are a departure from conventional technology. In a traditional active speaker, each mechanical element (e.g. woofer or tweeter) is driven by its own amplifier, and the two are directly connected. While this design works well enough, it's still reminiscent of a Stone Age catapult: a mass (a stone or speaker membrane) is moved with a particular force in a particular direction.
The problem: just as a catapulted stone's flight is never perfect - wind and temperature will throw it off course - music reproduced by a conventional speaker is bound to be imprecise. Many physical factors can alter the sound: the vibrancy of the housing, the speaker membrane, and increased resistance due to the rise in temperature of the copper coil.
To experience pure sound, one needs to remove these outside influences. At Silbersand we do this through cybernetics.

Cybernetics and the Closed Loop
Cybernetics is not a technique - it's the principle of considering cause and result a closed loop. In other words, a loudspeaker should be a system in which external factors have no influence. That's why we don't employ programmable, digital sound processors (DSP), which correct the sound using an algorithm (essentially an educated guess). Instead, our system gauges the position of the speaker membrane in real time with a highly sensitive sensor, compares it with the input music signal, and if necessary, corrects it. The result is a pure, unadulterated music signal.

Silbersand also departs from standard practice in the way we connect the amplifier to the mechanical elements. In our systems, power isn't pushed from the amplifier to the speaker. Instead, each speaker draws precisely the power it needs to move the membrane. Other systems combat or mask inaccuracies - this closed and self-optimizing system simply eliminates them.

Objectively Superior Sound
We often hear loudspeakers characterized as "warm", "hearty", or "soft", terminology more appropriate for a wine tasting than the natural sciences. Our technology eliminates this subjectivity. You can't say a Silbersand speaker has its own specific sound - rather, it's simply replicating the sound of your music.

You'll never wonder, "Am I hearing the music or just my speakers?"

Our goal is clear: perfect reproduction of the music. With that in mind, we don't base our various speaker models on different concepts of sound. The different Silbersand models vary only in their technical complexity, and the extent to which they approach the ideal.

Some people say, "If you know one Silbersand, you know them all." True enough. Others, however, insist that nothing compares with the sound of our top-level speakers. Also true. Every Silbersand speaker is the embodiment of a philosophy of listening purity. How far you wish to pursue that purity is up to you.

Friedrich Müller